Is this thought my own?

I had this thought a few weeks ago – don’t know if it came from someone else or is my own:

If someone showed me proof of the existence of a god, I would cease to be an atheist, but I would still be a humanist.

I think it’s a brilliant thought, and a very snappy expression of one reason I like to think of myself as a humanist rather than as an atheist.

But I don’t want to go around claiming credit for it if I actually heard it from someone else, and just forgot the source. I haven’t been able to find it online (using relevant Google searches), but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t have heard it somewhere, or read it in a physical book.

So this is a plea to any well-read, knowledgeable reader to let me know: have you heard this somewhere else, and can you tell me who first came up with it?


One Response to “Is this thought my own?”

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    […] to behave compassionately, and unsupported by rational evaluation of the evidence before me.  As I’ve said before, if someone showed me convincing evidence that a god exists, I would no longer be an atheist, but I […]

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