Ook ook!

Sometimes, I decide to share something which contains no intellectual contribution, no illustration of the value or comfort or truth of the humanist life.

Sometimes, in short, I just want to hoot and holler and make sure my fellow apes notice me.

The latest addition to our home humanist library arrived yesterday. It’s Dale’s new book, Raising Freethinkers.

I haven’t read any of it yet – I’ll make sure to get some sort of review up when I do.

In the meantime, let me give you the two items that are sure to be highlights.

One is where he mentions the HSS Thought for the World campaign (which I’ve discussed a couple of times on this blog). And who do you think got into the list of “British humanist thinkers” that have been featured in “this brilliant podcast”, alongside people like Stephen Law, Nigel Warburton, and (he says with a slight gasp of awe) A. C. Grayling? Me, myself, and I! (see page 244, last paragraph).

The other is in a list of “Twelve Blogs for Us” (start of chapter 9, pages 233-235). On it – on this printed list of blogs that are personally recommended by Dale McGowan, the indisputable leader of online secular parenting inspiration (just read some of his blog entries and you’ll agree) – on this list is this very (occasionally) humble site. And, because I’m letting my inner ape shine through, I’m going to share Dale’s description of this blog:

The blog of a smart and (yes) friendly Canadian humanist in Scotland. One of my favorites for quiet intelligence. 

Sigh. Thankyou Dale, for feeding my inner ape.

Now, back to some more quietly intelligent content…



4 Responses to “Ook ook!”

  1. Clare Says:

    Woohoo! Congratulations!

  2. cognitive dissident Says:

    I started reading your blog after seeing your “Cosmic Calendar” posts mentioned in McGowan’s book…congratulations on being an alpha ape!

  3. Dale McGowan Says:

    My pleasure! And I’m pretty sure I learned of Thought for the World from you. Along with many, many other things.

  4. When is Milky Way Day? « Friendly Humanist Says:

    […] Cosmic Calendar idea, which I have talked about before, may be gaining traction in the minds of some humanists, so I’ll make a concerted effort to mark the key cosmic events through the year. If […]

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