Roleplay to a cleaner house

If everyone in your household already enjoys cleaning, this post isn’t for you. If you never have problems getting the chores done, then feel free to stop reading now.

Deena and I have just discovered a new way to keep track of chores and have fun doing them. It’s called Chore Wars, and it’s awesome. You register (for free) on the site, start up an adventuring party (your team), and decide what chores will merit rewards. When you complete a task, you claim it on the site. According to the FAQ,

Experience points are tracked both as weekly high-score charts, and as ongoing character sheets – every time you rack up 200XP of chores, your character gains a “level”, and their class changes to match the type of chores that they’ve been doing.

Think of it as a kind of Mary Poppins “spoonful of sugar” for people who are mostly grown up and enjoy roleplaying.

We’ve only just started, and we’re already having a blast. Deena’s almost ready to level up already. I’m only halfway there, but I have some dirty dishes waiting to help me catch up as soon as I post this.

I don’t expect we’ll end up like this, though I know some who might use it this way:
There are some promising testimonials on the site. We’ll have to wait and see how well it works out for us. But it has all the right elements. It’s fun (we love roleplaying); it’s practical (it doesn’t take much effort to do); it’s free.

So, if you like games, and if you’d like to try motivating yourself to do more housework, give Chore Wars a try.

[Edit: Just figured out how to do this – here’s an image of my character (updated regularly).]

My Chore Wars character

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