I just want to thank Dale McGowan for pointing me to the Radiolab podcast.

Deena and I are slowly working our way through the archived episodes – this is the most acoustically delicious learning experience I can remember having. I recommend it to anyone with a mote of curiosity about stuff in general.

So far we’ve learned about randomness, race, sperm, the placebo effect, zoos, mortality, and time; and we’ve also been treated to a fascinating investigation of the 1938 “War of the Worlds” panic.


2 Responses to “Radiolab”

  1. Kenny Davidson Says:

    Thanks for the link; very good indeed

  2. Dale McGowan Says:

    I AM DELIGHTED to hear this, Tim! I'm sorely tempted to turn my blog over entirely to a post-mortem of each and every episode. (But I won't.) So many issues to explore — content, juxtapositions, delivery, imagery, allusions, the interplay of the two hosts' world views, the use of music, the role of curiosity…I think it's the most important development in popular science since Sagan's Cosmos series in 1980 and am pleased to be an evangelist for it.

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