No thanks. Not me. I’m feeling grumpy.

My mood, just now, is rather lumpy.

Some time soon my mood will shift.

This darkling pall will start to lift.

But here and now, I choose to wait,

to sulk and scowl, to brood and hate.

Please don’t “help”; don’t rib; don’t joke.

For mercy’s sake, don’t tease and poke.

I won’t respond well; I’ll push back.

I’ll pull you down – I’ve got the knack.

So I’ll leave thou and thee’ll leave me –

To me my scowl; to thee thy glee –

And some time soon we’ll meet again,

alike in mood, rejoined as friends.

Respect! Already, progress made.

My funky funk begins to fade.

Don’t pounce, not yet; I’m not yet there.

But when I am, I’ll share. I swear.




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