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Sarah and Jason talk about open-mindedness


I’m going to break out of my rather insular habits today.

Rather than offering a post full of my own thoughts, and only my own thoughts, I’m going to point you to a blog exchange between two other folks: Sarah, a relatively new atheist blogging at My Post-God Life, and Jason, a Christian blogging at Jason Trivium. I’ve just discovered their blogs – they seem to be spending a fair amount of time commenting and responding to each other’s ideas.

What really got my attention was their discussion of open-mindedness. Here is Sarah’s offering: “How Far Should We Take Open-mindedness?” And here is Jason’s response: “Re: How Far Should We Take Open-mindedness?

I’ve been reading a fair bit of professional apologetics and philosophy lately, so I could say a lot about how each of them has missed some refined points, or how I might have made a particular argument differently. But what I think is wonderful is (a) they are both able to articulate their position clearly and briefly, and (b) I think each has presented a perspective that represents a large number of people with a similar identity. More than that, as they comment on each other’s blogs they remain respectful and thoughtful without compromising the ideas they hold.

So go check them out, and check out other offerings on their blogs.