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Yah so, in case you’re worried, I am already over the funk those poems came from. But I thought it would be nice to share them – a glimpse of the less cerebral side of this humanist. Also, I suppose, the less friendly side.

That’s all. Talk to you again soon!

My rain


When I feel this way, your cheery cajoling is like

a bright strobe light

in a midnight rainstorm.



Destroying the unique, dark beauty of the moment.

Kindly piss off,

parade on someone else’s rain.

(Grumpy Haiku 2)


Dwell in thund’ry storms.

Face gusting wind, lashing rain.

They’ll blow past in time.

(Grumpy Haiku 1)


I am the anchor

holding myself to the ground

unwilling to fly.



No thanks. Not me. I’m feeling grumpy.

My mood, just now, is rather lumpy.

Some time soon my mood will shift.

This darkling pall will start to lift.

But here and now, I choose to wait,

to sulk and scowl, to brood and hate.

Please don’t “help”; don’t rib; don’t joke.

For mercy’s sake, don’t tease and poke.

I won’t respond well; I’ll push back.

I’ll pull you down – I’ve got the knack.

So I’ll leave thou and thee’ll leave me –

To me my scowl; to thee thy glee –

And some time soon we’ll meet again,

alike in mood, rejoined as friends.

Respect! Already, progress made.

My funky funk begins to fade.

Don’t pounce, not yet; I’m not yet there.

But when I am, I’ll share. I swear.